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Used Oil Collection

We are a Federal EPA and Multi-State licensed hauler of Hazardous and Non-hazardous products including used oils, anti-freeze, contaminated water, solids, and used oil filters. We have the team to make Used Oil Collection easy and stress-free.

Used Oil Collection

Excel Oil Service has been recycling used oil since 1974. All oils are recycled in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Used Oils are tested daily and recycled using US EPA protocols. Our drivers are experienced professionals who are trained for safe, clean and efficient oil collections. Used oils are recycled into on-specification fuel for petroleum refineries.

How It Works:

  • We work with you to setup a removal schedule to fit your needs.
  • Disposal Receipts for every pick-up.
  • Electronic Tank Level Monitoring Available – Keep Tanks Empty
  • Supplied Storage Tanks

Client Testimonials

Unparalleled Service

Sonny S – Chicago, IL – I had used the same waste oil collection for nearly a decade and was used to seeing an overflowing waste oil tank and filthy filter carts. After using Excel Oil Services for the last year, the storage area is clean and organized.  My Excel drivers work together to keep the area clean and professional looking while providing unparallel service. My customers even noticed and complimented the shop on its appearance. Thank Excel!

Compliance Heroes

Kerry K – Orland Park, IL – Recently, I was surprised by a visit from the EPA.  We had just hired a new shop foreman and quickly realized the former had not maintained the required disposal records properly. Thankfully, Excel Oil Services was able to quickly provide manifests and we were back in compliance in no time all.  Ken and his team later visited our location, helped us organize and educated us on the requirements. Happy to say my employees are prepared for any future visits from any regulating authority!

The most complete cleaning I have ever received.

Tomas R – Chicago, IL – Clogged, Backed Up Triple Basin? –  Not any more. The most complete cleaning I have ever received.  Thanks Jim @ Excel

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